Loyalty discounts

Accept loyalty points as a partial payment method to close the loyalty cycle and increase retention.

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Increase customer retention

When customers can use their loyalty points directly in your store, it encourages them to return and make repeat purchases. They are more likely to stay engaged with your brand and remain loyal over the long term.

Encourage customers to spend more

Allowing customers to use their loyalty points as a form of payment at your store can lead to higher average order values. Customers may be more inclined to make larger purchases when they can offset some or all of the cost with their accumulated points.

Enhance brand loyalty

When customers can spend their loyalty points in your store, it reinforces their loyalty to your brand. They associate the rewards directly with your products or services, strengthening their emotional connection to your business.

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More benefits for your business

Loyalty, rewards, and beyond
Retain value of your brand
Loyalty rewards train customers to buy products at full price and help you avoid the discount spiral.
Improve business performance
Engage with your audience in-between purchases by giving them loyalty points for special occasions or any positive actions.
Affordable and easy-to-start
Build an effective loyalty program effortlessly and with any budget. Our support team is always around.
Accept loyalty points as a payment method
Let customers spend their loyalty points at your store to increase retention and brand loyalty.
Plan your sales
Customize, schedule, and track loyalty campaigns with the integrated campaign manager.
Manage stock and get rid of slow-moving products
Your loyalty program works as an inventory management tool. Give more rewards for products to create higher demand on them.
Reach a new audience
Get listed in the Monetha cashback app and showcase your products to thousands of new customers.
Customize the look of your rewards
Looks like your native loyalty program. Adjust texts and styles to customize it even further.
Cover costs with our Partner program
We will add ~$1 worth of points to your loyalty budget for every new customer joining Monetha from your loyalty program.

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