Success story

Performance Marketing Agency


How we helped

Revealed shopping patterns

We evaluated current channels and figured out when and how often customers were shopping, as well as what they were most interested in.

Personalised rewards possibility

Possibility to offer personalised rewards which can include everything from discounts, points based cashback, to gift cards, special deals and even airline miles.

Drive Engagement

We provide a platform where customers could earn points for doing things like making a purchase, telling a friend about the eShop, sharing on social media, or writing product reviews.

New Promotion channel

Along with better transparency on other channels' performance we give access to affiliate network. It's a great possibility to test various offers against an audience with a clear shopping intent, all without any upfront costs for agency or their clients.


Conversion rate
15% increase in conversion rates on average, meaning more visitors turned into customers
33% rise in revenue for their clients, a significant return on their marketing efforts

Trusted Shopify partner