Monetha for Shopify: Installed. What’s next?

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1. Set up Shopify campaigns the right way

You have the loyalty program — that’s a great start! You may be wondering what’s the right way to use it.

There is no single correct answer. Different shops need different tactics. Still, there are good practices to follow.

General campaign

A campaign that gives loyalty points for any purchase is a perfect way to get your customers used to it and drive repetitive sales.

It doesn’t have to be a lot. Usually, a loyalty reward of 0.5-1% from a purchase is enough to get results. Start small, test out bigger rewards later, and decide what works best for you.

High rewards on high-margin products

Want to boost sales of particular products or collections? Give higher rewards — 5% or more — on high-margin or slow-moving inventory.

A good practice is to regularly rotate the products with higher rewards. This way, you will always keep the feeling of urgency and scarcity.

2. Let customers know about your loyalty program

Your customers can now see that you give loyalty points. But a small widget on a product page doesn’t explain what these points are and why users need them. Don’t leave these questions hanging if your want customers to understand the value of your loyalty program. What can you do?

Explainer page

First, create a separate page explaining how your loyalty program works. We prepared a short explainer page — use it for inspiration, or lead your customers right there if you don’t want to create a similar page on your site (just change “your shop” in the link to the name of your shop so it would nicely appear in the page’s title).

Example of an explainer page on monetha.io

Add a link to this explainer page to your footer menu. This is where users usually go when they want to learn more about your services.

You may go further and add this link to a more visible place. It can be a static banner on a page or a popup shown to all new users (there are plenty of popup tools that can do the job).

Email campaigns

The only customers who will see your explainer page are the ones coming to your shop and interested in the loyalty program. What about all the rest?

The easiest way to inform them about your new loyalty program is through an email newsletter. It will also have nice side effects: remind them about your shop with a valuable offer and motivate to shop the ones who’ve been hibernating (find out who they are with our partners’ guide).

What can you write in this email?

Describe your new campaigns (e.g., 1% loyalty rewards on all orders and increased bonuses on specific products or collections) and leave a link to the explainer page. Whenever you alternate products with higher rewards, wrap it up into an email with “new exclusive deals.”

All done!

You are ready to start. But if you feel that we did not cover something important (or you just want to know some extra details), contact us anytime! Our marketing team would be happy to assist you — your success is our success.

Table of Contents